Today is 2021-01-17 


DESCRIPTION - International Mining Investment and Developments: The Path Forward

Mining companies around the world have faced many changes over the last few months. We’ve seen mining declared essential in some jurisdictions and non-essential in others. This session will explore how mining has been impacted, including addressing global disputes, how the markets are reacting (and it’s not all bad!) and what opportunities we are seeing. This program will be moderated by Alison Lacy
and John Turner.

Latin American Update: How Mining Companies Are Coping in the Different Jurisdictions
Paul Fornazzari

Brief overview of the main issues currently affecting the principal mining countries in Latin America.

China – Deals and Developments
Michael Boehm

This session will provide a listing of recent Chinese outbound mining investment transactions, metals that are in favour for Chinese investors and an update on recent developments.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the SA Mining Industry
Godfrey Malesa and Mmaphuti Morolong

A Regulatory Overview: We will consider how South Africa has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the South African mining industry. As part of this discussion, we will focus on the recent government regulations for the mining industry, the relief provided to mining companies in an effort to mitigate the risk on the industry and the possible challenges faced/to be faced by mining companies as they resume their operations. We will also consider the health and safety issues which mining companies will need to consider as part of the ramp up. Could the South African government have dealt with issues affecting the industry differently and what are the key issues facing the industry as it emerges from the lockdown?


Metal Streaming and Royalty Financing
Brian Graves

Highlights of what’s new in streams and royalties – refinements in deal terms, new industry players, and recent international transactions.

Resolving Global Mining Disputes by International Internet Arbitration
Peter Mantas

Virtual hearings, evidence collection and witness interviews. Outdated arbitration clauses. Cost concerns. This session will address how circumstances that were previously unthought of pre-pandemic are generating unique problems and opportunities in the area of international mining arbitration.



  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (ET) Program and Q&A
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