Today is 2021-01-27 


DESCRIPTION - The Canadian Automotive Industry Post Covid-19

Everyone is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and markets, and the Canadian auto sector is no exception. Please join us for this timely webinar sponsored by the Fasken Automotive Group. Our experts will offer their insights and practical guidance on what the future holds for the Canadian automotive sector, and how to navigate the new risk environment and manage change as we emerge from the pandemic crisis. We want to help you develop forward-looking solutions and strategies for labour, employment and human rights; tax; and government relations issues. We hope that you will participate in this live webinar. This program will be moderated by Steven Rosenhek,  Chair of the Fasken Automotive Group.

Managing your Workforce in the Age of COVID-19
Ian Campbell (Toronto)

Employers in the broader auto sector are facing staffing challenges that they have never had to face before. To help you manage your workforce through the pandemic, we will provide you with guidance and insight into best practices as they relate to:

  • Managing the challenges of returning to the workplace
  • Rightsizing your workforce
  • Temporary lay-offs
  • Wage subsidy and other government programs
  • Preparing for the second wave

Practical Tax Planning to Consider During Troubled Economic Times
Christopher Steeves (Toronto)

This session will explore certain planning opportunities which can arise from an economic downturn and practical tax considerations with respect to:

  • Potential reorganizations
  • Managing liquidity
  • Moving cash around the corporate group
  • Tax loss utilization planning

Issues Surrounding Privacy and Cybersecurity Concerns During and After COVID-19
Alex Cameron (Toronto)

Privacy and cybersecurity issues have pervaded the COVID-19 pandemic and many are expected to have an established place in the post-COVID world. This session will review:

  • Current developments and a look ahead to future issues
  • Relation to workforce testing and employee monitoring
  • Evolving cybersecurity risks

Canadian Government Decision-Making in the Age of COVID-19
Daniel Brock, Chair, Government Relations & Strategy Practice Group, (Toronto), Emilie Bundock, (Montréal), Paul Burbank, (Ottawa), Taleesha Thorogood, (Calgary)

This panel will focus on how the Canadian federal and several provincial governments pivoted to address the global pandemic, including:

  • The dramatic steps to stem the spread of the Corona virus in Canada
  • How this pivot changed the way these governments made decisions
  • Lasting implications of these changes may have for citizens, businesses and other government stakeholder


  • 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (ET) Program and Q&A
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