Today is 2021-01-23 


DESCRIPTION - Current Issues Facing Canadian Mining

Shortly after the PDAC conference in Toronto, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, economies throughout the world were put on hold by national governments. While some mining operations continued, the mining industry was not immune to this decision. Now that mining activities in Canada have, to a certain extent, recommenced from coast to coast, the webinar aims to look at some of the challenges, opportunities and risks the Canadian mining industry may face in this unfolding post-confinement era. This program will be moderated by Frank Mariage and John Turner.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues in the context of reopening
Norm Keith and Elaine Léger

Operating a Mine and Mining Plant during the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge; we recommend that all operations ensure they taking the following 12 steps to keep worker safe and ensure OHS Compliance.

Canadian critical infrastructure and strategic elements: Emerging national security concerns in mining
Andrew House

From Antimony to Vanadium, the elements that make our world run are caught up in the global race to counter scarcity and secure supply in the COVID-19 era. Canada can no longer rely on key allies to share or trade their supplies of critical good and services, and manufacturing industries dependent on the extractive sector are not immune from this new reality. This session will take us to the intersection of mining and national security, looking at critical and strategic elements thought the lens of essential statecraft.

First Nations consultation during the pandemic
Kevin O’Callaghan

Governments, whether they are federal, provincial, or Indigenous, are all trying to grapple with limited resources and attention that is rightly focused on health and safety. In this environment trying to move project consultation forward is challenging. We will discuss those challenges and the way all levels of government are managing those challenges.

Canadian insolvency processes / M&A in the insolvency context
Stuart Brotman

Doing deals in a time of economic uncertainty and market volatility requires an expanded toolkit. This session will discuss M&A structures in the distress and insolvency contexts

Exploration & assessment work deadlines/Extensions across Canada
Frank Mariage

Session will explore the different measures put in place by various governments across Canada for 2020 and beyond to reduce certain regulatory / administrative obligations of mining rights holders.

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