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DESCRIPTION - Critical Minerals Supply Chains for Clean Technology: A New Economic Opportunity

The energy of the future will be driven by technologies which in turn are dependent on minerals. All countries have a competitive and security interest in ensuring that their developing clean energy industries have these minerals available to them – however some of those minerals are in short supply. Finding ways to foster and support the exploration, development, and refining of those minerals is a huge opportunity. This session will discuss those opportunities in the context of traditional allies: Canada, Australia, and the United States. This program will be moderated by Kevin O’Callaghan and John Turner.

Critical minerals: Where mining meets the clean energy transition
Guy Winter

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables for energy, heat and transportation is arguably the most enduring mega-trend of our time, and seems set to define the rebuilding of the global economy. With electric vehicles, utility-scale battery storage and smart grids joining renewable energy generation as potent forces for disruption, and ESG at the forefront of every corporate agenda, this session considers the opportunities for the mining sector as a key part of the clean energy supply chain.

Opportunities in the lithium space
Paul Fornazzari

Brief update on the current supply and demand dynamics in the lithium space and how to spot opportunities before the next wave hits.

Australia’s critical minerals path – policy and regulatory update
Simon Scott, Partner, MinterEllison

Australia is focused on fostering the development of its abundant critical minerals endowment, with a Federal ‘Critical Minerals Office’ established in January 2020 and State Governments around the country keen for further investment in the sector. This session will provide an overview of the policy and regulatory settings and current issues.


U.S. Regulatory Developments in Critical Minerals
Nora Pincus, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

An overview of recent legislative and regulatory actions aimed at reducing the United States’ dependence on foreign sources of critical minerals and stimulating critical mineral development in the U.S.

The challenges facing aspiring new producers of critical minerals
Donald Bubar, President & CEO,  Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.

While producing critical minerals typically involves mining of a bedrock resource, it is a very different business than traditional mining of exchange-traded commodities. Most of the challenges in getting a new operation started are in defining a product and getting the product qualified in the market. This involves collecting bulk samples at an early stage to define an appropriate process flowsheet and recover product samples for customer evaluation. This session will explore the regulatory and project financing challenges aspiring new producers are facing and offer some ideas on how resolve them.



  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (ET) Program and Q&A
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