Today is 2021-01-23 


DESCRIPTION - Mine Financing in the Current Environment

The adverse circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic raise challenges for mining companies related to M&A, capital raising, financing opportunities and private equity considerations. In addition, social distancing requirements can create obstacles to effective communication with shareholders. This webinar will discuss available financing structures and alternatives. M&A considerations and potential pitfalls, as well as virtual shareholder meeting matters will also be explored. This program will be moderated by Sarah Gingrich and John Turner.

Mining and Private Equity – the Current Reality
Grant McGlaughlin

A discussion of current trends and issues in private equity.

Bank Financing
John Torrey

Overview of current market trends for new and existing bank credits.

London Capital Markets Update: Open for Business!
Guy Winter

An update on the availability of capital and investor appetite for mining stocks in the London market; recent temporary deregulation of UK securities laws to take account of the logistical and working capital challenges currently confronting issuers; public M&A trends; and the proposed new regime for climate-related disclosures and other issues for mining companies on the regulatory horizon.


Material Adverse Change Clauses
Gesta AbolsSarah Gingrich and Darren Reed

Material Adverse Change (“MAC”) clauses are a nuclear option built into merger agreements that let the buyer walk away from a deal if the target suffers a dramatic and sustained decline in its business between signing and closing. Although of fundamental importance and hotly negotiated, there is no case law that clarifies what they mean in Canada. With the disruption of COVID-19, there is currently a dispute in Alberta that would result in an important legal decision on their meaning. A brief discussion of MAC clauses, the court case and legal aspects/practical implications.

Exploring recent RTO and M&A activity
Krisztian Toth and Bradley Freelan

A review of RTO and M&A activity in the mining industry since the outbreak of COVID-19.



  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (ET) Program and Q&A


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