Today is 2021-01-23 


DESCRIPTION - Doing Business with Blacklisted Companies

What are the risks to your company when you do business with another company that is the subject of criminal or regulatory investigations or prosecution, debarment by a government or international body, sanctions, or national security concerns? Our panel will provide insights into how these issues are managed within government, the legal and reputational risk to companies and their in-house counsel, and how to avoid the blacklisted companies’ problems from becoming your problems. Topics will include:

• Various sources of risk, including your supply chain and your corporate partner’s affiliates and affiliations
• Reputational risk and the taint of doing business with a blacklisted company
• Professional obligations of in-house counsel to avoid facilitation of criminal activity and how to deal with investigators
• Acquisition of a blacklisted company and how that may impact the transaction and your company
• Indemnities and other contractual terms to mitigate loss


• 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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