Today is 2021-01-25 


DESCRIPTION - We’re Rolling Now: Legalized Cannabis and the Workplace One Year Later

Perceptions of cannabis have changed dramatically. What was once an illegal drug is now a recognized medical treatment and a legal recreational activity in Canada. Almost a year after legalization, employers are still struggling to adapt to the impact of these changes on the workplace.

This seminar will address the legal issues and case law specific to drugs in the workplace, including occupational health and safety and human rights issues. We will also discuss how employers can practically manage cannabis-related issues at work.

Specific topics include:

• The legalization of cannabis and applicable laws across Canada
• Dealing with medical cannabis licenses
• Drug testing considerations
• Determining impairment
• Implementation of a Fit for Duty Policy


Shane Todd, PARTNER, Toronto, ON Marc Rodrigue, ASSOCIATE, Toronto, ON Richard Savage, ASSOCIATE, Vancouver, BC

• 8:30 am – 10:00 am Seminar and Q&A
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